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Content: Zohar The Portion of Tazria, verses: 9,11,14
Design: Pomegranate
Dimensions: 11” x 17” print

Materials: Scroll Champagnecolor Parchment paper, 67lb.
Prints are sold unmated. They are wrapped in cello bag and mailed flat in a photo mailer.

Fertility Blessing Art Print / Jewish Art Prints

  • The Zohar is a powerful tool that helps us to connect and draw energy into our life. Each of us experience different obstacles in life. In this unique artwork I decided to write verses from the Zohar that relate to fertility (translation of the verses below). Pomegranate is the Feng Shui and kabbalah symbol for fertility. Couples are being advice by Fang Shui consultants to display art or images of pomegranates in their bedroom. The pomegranate that shown in the photo has nine circles like the nine month of healthy pregnancy. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to spread the powerful fertility verses of the Zohar through my art. I hope that this artwork will bring to your life or to the people that you love energy of happiness, harmony, fertility light and love.Translation of the Zohar verses in my artwork: Tazria ,Verse 9: “A woman who inseminates first, delivers a male child.” The Creator sentences whether a drop is male or female, and you say, “A woman who inseminates first, delivers a male child.” Thus, the Creator’s sentence is redundant. Indeed, it is certainly the Creator who decides between a drop of male and a drop of female. And because He has discerned it, He sentences whether it is to be a male or a female. Tazria, Verse 11:“If a woman inseminates.” “How manifold are Your works, O Lord.” How manifold are the deeds of the Holy King in the world. It is akin to a person who took some seeds together and sowed them all at once, and then each kind buds independently. Thus, the Creator does His deeds with wisdom, and in wisdom does He take them all together and sows them. Afterwards, each and every one emerges in its own time, as it is written, “In wisdom have You made them all.”Tazria, Verse 14: When a man comes to sanctify and to mate with his female, with his holy desire, the spirit of holiness—which consists of male and female—awakens upon him. This is so because he was born and extends from ZA and Malchut, which are male and female. And the Creator implies to an emissary that is appointed over impregnating people and gives him that spirit, and tells him in which place he should give it, as it is written, “And the night which said, ‘A boy is conceived.’” The night, Malchut, said to that appointee to conceive a man from a certain man, so he would place the spirit there. And the Creator commands that spirit, adjuring it to be righteous.

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