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Hamsa house blessing / Jewish House Blessing / Judaica Home Blessing
Content: A song of Degrees: Psalms chapter 121 "I will lift up my eyes to the hills: from whence shall my help come?"
Birkat Kohanim.
Home Blessing.

Design: Hand (Hamsah), Peace dove, kabbalah, 5 names from the 72 names chart.

Dimensions: 11” x 17” print

Materials: Scroll Champagne color Parchment paper, 65lb.
Prints are sold unmated . They are wrapped in cello bag and mailed flat in a photo mailer.
You can choose this artwork with the translation as shown on the first photo or without as shown on the second photo.

Hamsa house blessing / Jewish Art Prints

  • The hamsa house blessing is a spiritual message to protect, unite and welcomes all guests and blesses those who reside in the house. It is appropriate for occasions such as weddings, house worming gift and when visiting friends. Hamsah is also referred to as the protecting hand or hand of God and are a popular charm worldwide. I also used 5 names from the 72 names of God; The 1st name is: Alef, Lamed, Dalet for protection. The 2nd name is: Samech, Alef, Lamed for prosperity. The 3rd name is: Mem, Hey, Shin for healing. The 4th name is: Hey, Hey, Ayin for unconditional love and the 5th name is: Kaf, Lamed, Yud for fertility.

    Shipped via USPS Priority Mail (3-business days deliveryplus tracking number, US only)For International: Shipped via USPS Standard Mail (14 -21business days delivery).

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